Pan Global saw its inception in 2001 with the incorporation of its first member company - Maritime Logistics to engage in shipping & logistics arenas and kept expanding into more lucrative commercial areas moving from one growth stage to another.

The business has bloomed over the past few years braving various odds and adapting to change when required in terms of business and the areas of different business platforms. Having had the opportunity to diversify, we have ventured into several other new areas of businesses - entailing, investment facilitation, recruitment, travel & tourism, trading, advertising, property development, and educational migration.

Our Mission

To become Sri Lanka’s most preferred and leading solutions provider In respective fields we represent & to be valued by those who value excellence, by delivering enduring value to our customers, employees, investors and partners through totally fair, transparent and ethical practices.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized company that enables all its stakeholders unlock their value and realize their full potential.

Chairman's Message


Since our inception in 2001, Pan Global Group has been driven with the mandate of uplifting and catering to the best interest of all our stakeholders - be it a partner, a customer, or an employee. Through-out this journey, this has been our unwavering approach applied with discipline and courage regardless of market trends which has paid off with exceptional performance of the group. With a humble, beginning we managed to build Pan Global Group on a set of values that make up what we are today.

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